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Hi! I'm a student at Harvard pursuing a B.A. and M.S. in Computer Science, minor in English. Previously I was a SWE intern at Apple, and I'll be a research intern at IBM this summer.

My research interests include: machine learning, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, algorithmic fairness & privacy, and creating tools to make education more accessible. As part of MIT CSAIL's Internet Policy Research Initiative group, I'm doing research on designing & building a conversational, natural language programming agent used to make CS education more accessible. I also write about fairness and ethics in AI in my blog Fair Bytes.

I love hackathons and have organized 10+ hackathons (international, national, institutional, and regional). I founded and led PixelHacks, the Bay Area's first all-female high school hackathon, which is now in its 5th iteration. I also currently direct HackHarvard.

In my free time, I like to write fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, & drama) and have amassed over 200K+ readers across stories published online. I also love calligraphy, rewatching Star Wars movies, and cheering on the Golden State Warriors.

You can reach me at cyeo [at]


Harvard University

B.A./M.S. in Computer Science • 2018 - 2022 • Cambridge, MA


MIT CS and AI Laboratory (CSAIL)

Research Assistant (HCI + NLP) • Sep 2019 to Present • Cambridge, MA


Software Engineering Intern (Xcode) • May 2019 to Aug 2019 • Cupertino, CA


Front-End Developer • Apr 2018 to Mar 2019 • Boston, MA

Emory University

Mathematics Research Fellow • Jun 2017 to Jul 2017 • Atlanta, GA

Community Outreach


Founder & Director • Oct 2016 to Present • San Jose, CA


Director • Aug 2018 to Present • Cambridge, MA


Fairness in Natural Language Generation

Feb 2020 to Present • Cambridge, MA


Nov 2018 to Dec 2018 • Cambridge, MA

Applying Reinforcement Learning to Creating a Math Teacher AI

Feb 2018 to Jun 2018 • Oakland, CA

Saluton: Foreign Language Chatbot

Mar 2017 • Fremont, CA

Letter Pop

Mar 2014 to Jun 2016 • San Jose, CA

Categorizing Hurricane Sandy Tweets Using Natural Language Processing

Aug 2015 • Stanford, CA



In the Media

[Upcoming] Defining and Evaluating Fair Natural Language Generation

Catherine Yeo, Alyssa Chen
58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Widening NLP Workshop, 2020


CONVO: What does conversational programming need?

Jessica Van Brummelen, Kevin Weng, Phoebe Lin, Catherine Yeo
IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC), 2020

abstract arXiv

Polynomials That Behave Like The Riemann Zeta-Function

Dean Cureton*, Catherine Yeo*
August 2017

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(* denotes alphabetical ordering.)