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Below are some quotes from students from past Brace-Ed courses.

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From Zahra, 2016:

"Catherine’s classes have been so valuable to my success in AP Calculus AB. Coming in with minimal knowledge of Calculus, I worked tirelessly for hours with Catherine, who was always so supportive and an effective teacher. Her lessons were well-organized, she provided numerous practice problems, and she was always willing to explain a problem in depth. Even after my first class, I saw myself improving and soon enough I went from a 2 to a 5."

Anonymous, 2017:

"Catherine's class is like a personal next-door neighbor tutor. From the hardest questions to the easiest ones, Catherine will explain the answers by email, phone, text, and - of course - in person during class. She creates incredible lesson plans that explain all the concepts needed for the exam and pulls together practice sets and mini-quizzes that will challenge students. "

Anonymous, 2017:

"I took Catherine's AP Calculus AB class and I got a really good understanding of the concepts thanks to her. Before taking this class, I was struggling, but she taught in a way that was easier for me to understand. Catherine made sure I wasn't falling behind compared to the other kids in the class. She really cares about the students and it's clear that she's passionate about what she's teaching."

Anonymous, 2017:

"The class is very effective and definitely helped on the AP test. It is useful for those who need more practice. With the class, I did score higher than I would have without it."

From Shifali, 2016:

"Catherine helped me immensely this year. I was struggling in Calculus AB and getting the basics down was one of the hardest things for me, but with Catherine's help I really improved my score as well as my overall understanding of the topic."

From Jay, 2016:

"This class has been very helpful. Catherine has useful tips to offer that you won't get just by doing practice AP questions. The worksheets were very useful in the process. Taking the class definitely will improve your score."


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